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Library Resources
Internet Usage Policy

Mission Statement
The mission of the Jasper Public Library is to make available to all Jasper-area residents library materials and information services through all available media proportionate to the levels of demand and use.

Mission Emphasis
The Library will provide access to information resources outside the local Library. The Library will emphasize its role as a reference and popular materials resource while providing a comfortable place for patrons to read, think and work. The Library will provide educational support for children and adults.

In keeping with this statement of the library’s mission, the following policy for the use of the public access computers has been adopted.
  1. The computers are available to library patrons for educational, recreational, research and reference purposes. Library staff can often help with basic computer use and startup procedures but cannot provide in-depth instruction. Books are available in the library for patrons who have limited computer experience. Internet and E-mail classes are available for free. Inquire in the computer lab for details.
  2. Guidelines for the use of computers are as follows:
    1. Computers are available on a first come first serve basis.
    2. There is a one-hour guarantee on computer usage. A session may continue longer if other patrons are not waiting.
    3. Black and white printouts are available at .15 cents per page. Downloading to a jump drive is allowed. 
  3. Computers users may not:
    1. Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software, alter software configurations, or cause degradation of system performance.
    2. Use or install software programs not provided by the Library or alter or attach equipment to the library’s hardware.
    3. Use any Library workstation for illegal activities.
    4. Violate copyright laws or software license agreements using Library workstations.
Users under 18 must be with a parent/guardian or have on file a permission form signed by the parent / legal guardian to access the Internet. Age 18 is the limit in Section 43.2 of the Texas Penal Code for displaying harmful material to a minor. The library cannot be responsible for material on the Internet, and Parents are responsible for protecting minors. We reserve the right to discontinue a computer session if the staff considers the use in violation of the policy. Continued violation of the above may result in loss of access to the Internet Access Computers.

** Updated July 10, 2006 **
Approved by Jasper Public Library Advisory Board on 10-13-98
Approved by Jasper City Council on 10-19-98. Revised 7/2006

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