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Hats Off To The City of Jasper Solid Waste Department!

Great Customer Service, as per Mrs. Stephanie McGraw-McCullough.

The wheels broke on my city trash can. I called the solid waste number on the city website. I’m not even sure that I called the right place, however, the kindest gentleman spoke to me on the phone, and told me that he’d come take care of me. I asked where I’d need to go to pay for the repairs, and with a sweet giggle, he said that wasn’t necessary, he’d fix me up. In less than hour there was a gentleman outside repairing my trash can. I’m as guilty as the next person to complain when things are off, so I thought I should also give credit for what’s on. Thank you, lovely gentleman from the solid waste department, you took me from, “Huh? Uh-oh!” to “Wow, he’s already here!”, in a flash! I’m glad I’m your customer!

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